Friday, May 2, 2003

Season 2

Life is true when I see it full,
Do I do a favour? Living it as I do,
All seem so mean,
Meaningless and not understood,
Should I stand it more?
As it’s always a steal, huh? No big deal.

My dear friend, can you sing me those
Few lines of your living vows, as it is.
Now it beats, faster as never before,
Hold on, it’s just a lie.
Do your work, before it gets late,
Carry on with what’s waiting, at its best.

It seems so hard,
But it’s the way you deal,
The function is hard to seal.

Storming through season 2,
Wearing an apron,
Storming through season 2,
Making no mistakes,
Storming through season 2,
Paid after due.

Friday, March 21, 2003


One eye closed and one night stand,
Made me close and made me near,
Cause I see, you in me,
All night long I didn’t sleep.

Planned to be the one,
Planned to see you soon,
All in new, and grunge is dead.

See me faint, and see me die,
All is fair in love and war,
Cause I see, you in me,
All night long I didn’t sleep.

Watch it moving on,
Make in moving on,
Keep it playing pal,
Want to hear it hard.
Peace and love and empathy.